Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Cell Phone Right to Know Act" in Congress

As the debate continues about cell phones and Cancer, Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced a federal bill on Aug. 6th that would create a national research program to study cell phone radiation levels  and more importantly put warning labels on cell phones.
H.R. 6358, the Cell Phone Right to Know Act, a bill to grant a consumer’s right-to-know by providing for warning labels on cell phones would also require the Environmental Protection Agency to update the standards for specific absorption rate. SAR is the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a cell phone.

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Congress introduces new cell phone radiation warning label law

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a democrat from Ohio, yesterday introduced a new federal law that would place warning labels on mobile phones and create a U.S. research program to better study overall radiation levels emanating from the devices.

Law number H.R. 6358, named the 'Cell Phone Right to Know Act' would also require the EPA to update the standards for specific absorption rate, or SAR, the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body when using a cell phone. "It took over 25 years for scientists to be able to say for sure that smoking caused cancer. During all that time, the false impression created by industry supporters was that there was no connection between smoking and cancer, a deception which cost many lives," said Kucinich.
"And while we're still waiting for scientists to sort out the various health effects of cell phone radiation, we must allow consumers to have enough data to select with less radiation. As long as cell phone users may be at increased risk of cancer or reproductive issues, American citizens deserve the right to know the exact radiation levels of any cell phone," said Kucinich.

The Congressman is courageous for bringing up a matter that is hotly contested by the wireless industry who is making massive amounts of money in the cell phone and wireless business. Americans and all citizens of Mother Earth have the right to know about the possibility that Cell Phones may cause Cancer

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