Monday, March 26, 2012

Health Issues of EMF

A correlation between EMF and health became an issue in 1979 when epidemiologist, Nancy Wertheimer, began looking for possible causes of a number of childhood leukemia cases in the Denver metropolitan area. She conducted her research with physicist Ed Leeper and found that children with leukemia were more than twice as likely to have lived in homes near high current power lines where the electromagnetic fields were stronger. Further research on the issue has shown mixed results and the science is far from conclusive. There is a substantial base of data from years of research which highly suggests an association between the development of certain health problems from exposure to electromagnetic fields. There is a possibility that a portion of humans may have a genetic sensitivity to even minimal levels of electromagnetic radiation or who have been exposed to chemical or alternate causal agents. There is currently no information which enables scientists to identify these groups of people. The need for careful research directed toward answering these questions is clear.

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