Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic waves at low frequencies are referred to as non-ionizing radiation and contain relatively small amounts of energy. An important difference is shown between this and the ionizing radiation that we associate human health problems with. Ionizing radiation is represented by alpha and beta particle emissions from radioactive materials and X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays. These have dramatic and well documented harmful effects on living things. These high frequency waves or particles have enough energy to eject electrons from molecules and can damage the structure of cells,including DNA. They also can cause the creation of highly reactive free radicals within cells which is a known condition associated with Cancer. Although low frequency, non-ionizing radiation does not react with matter in this way there are studies that show cellular damage even to DNA from high frequency bursts associated with cell phones and other new digital equipment now in use by millions of humans. Well used scientific models which examine the effect of EMF on humans and animals are inadequate for studying the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields and researchers are presented with new challenges in mechanisms of EMF interaction.

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