Thursday, April 5, 2012

Measuring EMF

A straightforward method of measuring the amount of Electromagnetic radiation that may be present in your home is with a Gauss meter. Named after the famed math genius Carl Friedrich Gauss the Gauss is a common unit of measurement of magnetic field strength and the Gauss meter is an instrument which measures the strength of magnetic fields. Inside there is a coil of thin wire with hundreds of turns and as a magnetic field radiates through the coil it induces a current which is amplified by the circuitry inside the Gauss meter. Gauss meters vary widely in price and accuracy. Meters have either a single axis coil or a triple axis coil. Single axis meters are much simpler than triple axis meters to manufacture and are less expensive. To use a single axis meter you must point the meter's one sensor in three directions -- -the x, y and z axis. Then, you combine the three readings in a mathematical equation to calculate the combined field strength. Obviously, its far easier and more accurate to use a 3-axis meter. Triple axis Gauss meters are quite accurate, but they are also more expensive. For more info about EMF check out some greats books here.

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