Saturday, July 7, 2012

ipad 2 Electromagnetic Radiation

Here's a video showing the radiation put off by a wi-fi connection antenna in an ipad 2. Wi-fi is one of the most polluting sources of Electromagnetic Radiation in the electronics world. If you have wi-fi at home be sure to shield the router from bedroom areas and living areas where you spend a lot of time. Children's rooms should be shielded as much as possible from all sources of electromagnetic pollution.

ipad2 Wi Fi Radiation

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The use of wi-fi has become widespread and is present in areas where we don't even know it is being used. The effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on humans is a controversial subject and  there is much evidence that the radiation can harm certain individuals that are sensitive to it. It may be that it affects all humans to some degree and we still don't know if electro-smog has long term effects on the human body. It's best to be safe when it comes to EMF!

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