Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Will The "Experts" Protect Us?

If you somehow think that the government or even the people involved in the science behind our electronic devices are making sure that we the public are safe from Electromagnetic Radiation being emitted, you might want to check out this article from The Washington Times.

The Washington Times Online Edition

“In Experts We Trust” …or should we?

"It means that in the USA the evaluation of health risks and development of appropriate safety standards is prepared in the USA by industry scientists under direction of cell phone manufacturer's scientist. The proposed safety standards are then voted by ICES members. Few dissenting opinions, like mine, do not matter. Scientists, dissatisfied with the dominance of ICNIRP and ICES formed groups that were to prepare science evaluations that would counter-balance the dominating opinions of ICNIRP and ICES. The general idea of providing counter-balances and was good, but they (scientists) made similar mistake as ICNIRP and ICES/IEEE – they formed groups of scientists with the same opinions and the selection criteria are largely arbitrary and unknown. The composition of the groups most noted in news-media and by politicians, BioInitiative and ICEMS (International Committee on Electro-Magnetic Safety), clearly shows that the members have the same scientific opinions. No scientific challenge come from within the group, meaning no real scientific debate."

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In an uncertain world it's best to know about the potential dangers around us and take precautions to minimize certain risks. While we can't control everything we can take steps to protect ourselves from unnecessary exposure to unseen forces such as Electromagnetic Radiation.

Here you can learn more about the effects of EMF.

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