Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The debate over Cell Phone Radiation continues. 
This article from Dr. Mercola discusses cell phone dangers and another concern about the emissions coming from your mobile device.

  • Exposure to cellphone radiation may or may not increase your risk of brain tumor formation, but this is a minor risk compared to damage done by free radicals from peroxynitrites that radically impair mitochondrial function
  • Science has linked exposure to peroxynitrites from low-frequency microwave radiation emitted from cellphones and Wi-Fi networks with chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity and inflammatory bowel disease
  • You can reduce your exposure by shutting off your Wi-Fi at night, keeping cellphones in airplane mode unless using them, using the speaker phone and using a selfie stick when talking on it

The Debate Over Brain Tumors and Cellphone Exposure Continues

An Italian court recently weighed in on the debate over cellphone use and the development of brain tumors when they found in favor of a longtime telecommunication employee, Roberto Romeo, who claimed a benign brain tumor resulted in hearing loss in one ear.6Interestingly, both Romeo7 and his attorney made reference to inappropriate use of a cellphone that led to the development of the tumor. Romeo reportedly used his cellphone for three hours a day over 15 years while doing his job for the mobile phone company.

Check out some ways to protect yourself from harmful radiation with the latest technology by adding a simple device to the back of your cellphone here:

There is increasing evidence of harm coming from our cell phones and other mobile devices. Check out this latest news from Dr. Mercola here:,12bc3107,12ca0799&et_cid=DM146871&et_rid=2016591927

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