Sunday, May 14, 2017

We can neutralize EMF!

We've heard from Dr. Sinatra

"Electrosmog is the greatest health threat of this millenium" Dr. Sinatra

In this article from a few years back Dr. Sinatra describes how your cell phone is affecting your heart.

"The reason your cell phone affects your heart is that your heart is more than a muscle—it’s a finely tuned electrical system. Pacemakers and ICDs are inserted when the heart needs help maintaining a healthy, steady beat. So, when you introduce a cell, or cordless, phone that emits its own chaotic electrosmog radio frequency, it can interfere with the pacemaker or ICD and can even damage the heart itself."

During my review of scientific research on the subject, I noticed that as far back as 1970 the Russians were reporting problems with on-the-job exposure to microwave radiation—the same time type of radiation that’s used in these phones. They looked at 105 young men (all under 40) who’d been exposed to several milliwatts per cm2 for 5 years.

This Is What They Found About Radiation and The Heart:

  • Thirty-four percent reported pain in the heart region.
  • Thirty-six percent experienced autonomic vascular crisis: headache, tremor, syncope, brief loss of consciousness (LOC) and had tachycardia (abrupt, rapid heartbeat).
  • Two people had a heart attack.
  • One person developed atrial fibrillation.
You can read more about Cell Phone Radiation and your heart at:

Meanwhile there is something you can do to remove harmful radiation from your home and surroundings. Check out this amazing new technology that neutralizes EMF from your cell phone, wi-fi and other electro-smog sources. Check it out here!

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